Guacamole Chicken Salad


Rain, rain, go away!

Our state has seen enough rain in the past month.  And not just rain that fell here.  The Red River, which flows through the northern and central parts of the state until it empties into the Mississippi, has swollen to flood levels because of rain in other areas.  And just when we thought we were nearly out of danger of flooding because the river had crested – or was close to it – there’s a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico that promises to bring even more rain.  We really don’t need it!  I wish we could share some with California since they are in a drought situation.

I stepped out onto our back porch a little while ago and saw this:


Within a few minutes, fat drops of rain were falling heavily onto already saturated ground.  So I did what I always do when it’s raining.  I cooked.

I’ve rarely met a chicken salad I didn’t like.  The only ones I don’t particularly enjoy are those that are gloppy with too much mayonnaise.  I like chicken salads that have nuts and grapes and apples and celery and onions.  Well, not all of those things in one chicken salad, but I like chicken salads with varying degrees of those components.

I decided to make one this afternoon that doesn’t use mayonnaise at all, making it a great summertime picnic food.  It’s a very simple chicken salad that starts with a rotisserie chicken and then adds guacamole.  Yes, I said guacamole!

Guacamole Chicken Salad

  • Meat from 1 rotisserie chicken, shredded
  • 4 medium avocados, seeded and scooped from their skins
  • 1 bunch of fresh cilantro, leafy ends torn from the stems
  • juice of 2 small limes (about 1/4 cup)
  • 2 teaspoons of garlic salt

Place avocados, cilantro, limes juice, and garlic salt into a food processor and process until smooth and creamy.  Taste for seasoning and add more garlic salt, it you like.  Add scoops of the guacamole to the shredded chicken until you like the consistency.  Serve on rolls or lettuce leaves.

Well Duh #1:  If you don’t have a food processor, you can chop the cilantro very fine and use a potato masher to mash the avocado with the other ingredients.

Well Duh #2:  This really is my basic guacamole recipe.  We like smooth guacamole.  If you have a favorite recipe for guacamole, it would certainly work in this recipe!  Even if your recipe is a chunky guacamole with tomatoes and jalepenos, it would be great!

Well Duh #3:  If you have leftover guacamole after adding all you want to the chicken, break out the tortilla chips and have a snack!

Well Duh #4:  Store this in the refrigerator in a covered container.

The kids love this chicken salad.  They were both standing behind me as I was photographing the little sandwiches.  As soon as I put down the camera, they each snatched a sandwich and ran away!

Try this yummy chicken salad!  You won’t be disappointed!



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