Here Goes Nothing!

A blog?  Why does the world need another blog?  Please.  What on earth can be so different about this blog that you can’t find in a dozen others?

You’re right, of course.  There are hundreds of blogs that are similar to this one.  So what’s so special about it?

What this blog will have:

Stuff about my family.  I won’t apologize.  I’m crazy about these people.  Sometimes they drive me crazy – which is a totally different thing, but I love them.  My sweet husband Michael puts up with far more from me than he probably should (but don’t tell him that!).  My kids, The Boy – who, at this time is a thirteen-year-old, football-playing, tender/tough, not-sure-what-to-do-with-himself, hormone hurricane.  He is suffering from a common ailment known as MiddleSchool-itis.  My daughter, The Redhead, is ten years old and is a strange and wonderful dichotomy of girlie (loves watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and loves collecting makeup of every description) and tomboy (shoots a bow and arrow, loves playing outside).  She is sassy and stubborn, creative, imaginative, artistic, funny, and sweet.

Stuff about my faith.  I accepted Christ when I was seven years old.  Being a Christian is as much a part of my life as breathing.  Does that make me perfect?  Heavens, no!  It also doesn’t make me judgmental or critical of those whose beliefs are different than mine.  Here’s what I know:  Jesus didn’t hole up in a room with a bunch of His followers and spout wise parables that they already knew.  He went out in the hood, found the scourge of society – the hookers, the cheaters, the liars, the thieves – and He told them about God.  He didn’t say, “Hey, if you don’t change, I’m not gonna love you.”  He loved them.  Right where they were.  And because they grew to love Him, they wanted to be more like him.

Stuff about food.  I love to cook.  I am currently working on my second cookbook.  I love that you can take something as mundane as flour and sugar and milk and butter and make something delicious for the people you love.  I love breaking down recipes into step-by-step directions so that anyone can cook!  I also love taking pictures of the dishes I make.  It’s extremely annoying to people who don’t like looking at food.  I don’t care.

Stuff about my friends.  My three closest friends don’t live anywhere near me, but they are like sisters to me.  Kathy, who I’ve known since the first day of kindergarten, Carla, who has been my friend since second grade, and Kim, who has been a kindred soul since tenth grade.  I don’t get to see any of them as often as I’d like, but I stay connected with them through technology and I really couldn’t be any closer to them – unless they all lived next-door.  Okay, that made me sad.  How awesome would it be to have them right next door?!

Stuff about school.  I teach music and art at an elementary school to seven hundred kids from kindergarten to fifth grade.  It’s crazy and hectic and I love it!  The best part is that every kid in school knows me.  Walking down the hall at dismissal time is like being a rock star.  I get more hugs in one day than most people get in a year!

Random stuff.  I’m just a random person.  I make observations about odd things.  I’m a weird magnet and stuff just seems to happen to me – a lot.  I choose to find the humor in most situations rather than get upset and let things get to me.

Pictures.  I love taking pictures!  Of the kids.  Of food.  Of the dog.  Of flowers.  Of butterflies.  Of crazy people in WalMart.  I take a lot of pictures!  And I love to share them.

What this blog will not have:

Drama.   With a crazy-creative husband, two just-plain-crazy kids, and a dog that refuses to be house-broken, I have enough drama in my life!  I don’t need to manufacture any!

Fakery.  With me, what you see is what you get.  I don’t waste time on negative people or negative thoughts.  I just let God take care of all that.

Advice.  Unless it’s about a recipe conversion or ingredient substitution, I’m not likely to offer any advice.

Shee-shee-poo-poo-la-dee-dah recipes.  I make real food real easy for real people with real lives!  You are not likely to read one of my recipes and ask, “Where do I find THAT?”  You are also not likely to find a recipe that takes more than 30 minutes to put together.  I work all day and then chauffeur the kids to various activities.  Once we’re home, there’s homework and laundry and housework (I don’t really do housework.  Seriously.  I just don’t.).  I have to squeeze in making a meal somewhere.  And it really can’t take a long time!  I love my crock pot, but I don’t always remember to load it up before I leave in the morning.  The meals I make are quick and easy – and occasionally healthy.

So there you have it.  That’s what my blog will be like – most of the time.  Hope you like it!


3 thoughts on “Here Goes Nothing!

  1. Oh, Felicia! You make my heart sing! I miss you like crazy, and look forward to reading your blog whenever you have time (how DO you have time?) to post something. You are one of the most REAL people I know, and yes, you should definitely take that as a huge compliment!! I love you, my friend!

  2. A blog? Why yes, I am pretty sure it will be one of my favorites because I love your simple but delish recipes, your witty observations, and the fact you have a very real and relatable life. Anticipating!!!! About time……

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